How long ago?

Back in the 80’s I lived in the Middle East with many Americans. We lived on a compound designated for all the employees and their families to live on (or in?) as my parents worked for an American oil company. I grew up there and had kinda of left that all behind me when I moved back to Canada to go to high school and beyond. But then I found the Facebook about 7 years ago and that all changed. I found people I went to high school with! And junior high! I guess in the last few years, I had found Greg on the internets and we followed each other from a great distance. He lives in Boston. Today, on the instagram, Greg was here! In Vancouver! For a work conference! What the? I was able to have a quick meeting with him today at the convention centre and VOILA! We meet again!

SO…of course I had to dig out our old yearbook to see what we looked like last time we saw each other. I found our yearbook from 1984 and we guess we saw each other last in 1985 or 86. So, the following photos are how we looked the last time we hung out.

This was Greg in 7th grade with feathered hair:

AWWW! Grade 7!

Awww! Actually, he looks the same.

And fair is fair, so here I am in 1984 – I was in the 8th grade.

Me when I was 14.

And that was my favourite blouse. It was yellow, blue and very ruffle-y.

We pretty much look exactly the same. How we stay so young, I’ll never know.

Today’s half hour coffee meeting was pretty great. I think Mike & I need to go to Boston before the next 30 years is up and visit him properly.

This blast from the past got me digging through my archives. I found this gem of a photo in the 1980 yearbook.

A 4th grader with a hangover.

Here I am in the 4th grade. With what looks like a hangover.

That must have been SOME PARTY.

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