How to make your houseguests this sad.

I took our guests out on the town for some serious tourist action on Sunday. We drove into Vancouver and parked at the foot of Hornby Street (free parking all day on Sunday! YAY!) and took the little Aquabus over to Granville Island. We toured around the island, watched a sweaty street performer juggle fire and picked up some fresh fruits, veggies and pizza dough for dinner. And we shared a caramel apple – all the must-dos for Granville Island. Next on the tour was another Aquabus trip to Yaletown, also known as the Grey Whale route – we took the exact same trip as that grey whale did earlier this month.

Looking back, I think I may have had an over ambitious plan in an effort to get the maximum amount of Vancouver sightseeing all in one day. Upon reaching Yaletown, I enticed the visitors to hop on the Skytrain to go over to Gastown, but before that, we would check out the Olympic Cauldron. Then we would backtrack to Gastown for some (more) touristy shopping. And how would we get back to our car we left on the other side of town? I didn’t really think about that. Maybe the Aquabus again? Anyway, it didn’t matter, because once we got to the cauldron, my family visitors were all. Bummed. Out.

Why would they be so sad? Because the cauldron was under construction. And behind a fence. Here’s what they saw as they sat on the bench facing the famous landmark.

See that white arrow? It’s pointing to a port-a-potty. Really sad for the houseguests.

“It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” my sister said disappointedly.

“I suppose now you’re going to tell us there’s no tickets available for any of the Olympic events, either.” Andrea said sullenly.



With that, we walked up Burrard Street, waited for the most crowded bus to arrive and took it back to our car. Our touristy day in Vancouver was finished. We consoled ourselves with movies and home made pizza – which turned out really well, by the way.

Editor’s note: the middle shot is my one and only HDR shot of the Olympic cauldron. So many people created High Def shots of the Olympic fire that I wanted to make one as well. I picked this one so I can say I made an HDR port-a-potty, too.


  1. Leah says:

    Well, you can’t please everybody. I guess not everyone likes a high definition porta potty.

  2. Lorne says:

    What a sad way to leave a momento for our summer visitors of an event that was such a great success, I thought they should have left the olympic rings up in the harbour and when I heard in February that the pilings and moorage were leased through October I believed they would, yet one more disappointment…….sigh…….at least the bill will last for decades

  3. anna says:

    Your HDR pic is fantastic!
    Sorry about the under construction cauldron experience though. 🙁

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