I can’t believe I missed the whole thing

Honey. I'm home.

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to get to the Bladezillas game AT ALL. By the time I got to the rink, the guys were lugging their hockey bags out of the locker room. Ah boo! Jason posed for me post-game, though.

As you can see, this is his, “We just won face.”

This reminds me – in the one photography course I did take (so far), the instructor said that when a man’s face is pointed down, it creates a feminine look. Definitely does not apply in this instance. EEP!

Thankfully, even though I did miss the Bladezillas’ game, there was another game on at the rink and I was able to get a goalie photo:

Yah! Goalie!

And I think this may be the Beer League team that the Bladezillas will be playing on Saturday. I will be there for that. I missed a good one tonight…rumour has it that someone on the opposing team yelled at the camera crew (Mike and a buddy with cameras) to, “GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!”. Pretty awesome. He should be so lucky as to have some documenting his Beer League hockey skillz. OH! BURN!

Canadian Rink

Much to my surprise, this league takes their games very seriously. I thought it would be a friendly game. Nope. There’s hitting, lots of penalties, and fights. I had no idea. I can only hope I’ll see some punching this Saturday.

Doesn’t this look like the face of a fighter?

Pretty serious.

The Steelers (that’s Saturday’s opposing team’s name) had better watch themselves.

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