Very impressed

I went into lock down mode today to finish up Sprinkle! The quilt top. Did I finish?

You betcha.

The quilt top is done!I did have some sort of error following the pattern – I accidentally mixed up a couple of squares. I did my best to keep track of the order, but somehow, a few were placed in the wrong spot. I decided that I could definitely live with the squares in the wrong spots.  Since we’ll be keeping this one, it doesn’t matter where the blocks are while we watch TV.

The inspectors were thorough in their audit of the quilt top.


The minute it was on the bed and I was taking photos of it, the boyz were all over it.

Hopefully they didn’t notice the odd size. I’m pretty sure it had everything to do with me not quite measuring the squares quite right early on. I thought about adding borders, but then I thought, “WHAT? NO WAY! Happy Zombie HATES borders!” so it will be a bit on the skinny side, but plenty long enough to wrap up and lay on the couch with.

More inspections

More inspecting.


Man. These guys looked under every nook and cranny.

I think tomorrow I’ll pick up some batting and some grey thread and get cracking on the quilting. I’m not quite sure of the pattern I’ll be quilting, maybe some wiggly lines? Horizontally? I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Actually, I like a quarter inch straight line. maybe I’ll do that!


  1. happy zombie says:

    Put a border on it! I mean, I would. Well, I would grumble while I was doing it… but I would. Maybe. Especially if it was the same fabric as the background. Kidding aside (‘cept for the grumbling part), your Sprinkle is so beautiful and you know how thrilling is for me to see you make a quilt from one of my patterns!!

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