International Dog Day, huh?

Stinky shoes are the best!

I’m not sure who declared it International Dog Day, but it was everywhere on the Facebook today.

I wish we had a dog, too, but we can only have 2 pets in per unit in the complex where we live. Probably a good idea because I could see us having so many pets! Baby goats! Puppies! Peegs! OXEN! They could fit on the patio FOR SURE. And we’d have to have 2 because TEAM WORK! Maybe we should just get 2 oxen and hide the kitties?

Anyway, Donner enjoys stinky shoes – the stinkier, the better. And trust me, it’s summer and Mike’s shoes most likely fit the bill. I didn’t check, but why else would Donner be putting his front paws all the way into Mike’s shoes and just sitting there like this? Enjoyable for him. Fill your boots!

Donner and Oscar had a big adventure today – they stepped outside with Mike. They were very hesitant and didn’t go very far from the door, but they went outside for the first time ever. Actually, one time Donner dove out the backdoor into the backyard then quickly back in the house. He was outside for less than 5 seconds that time. Tonight? He was out for about 15 or 20 seconds. I think for fun we may get them some harnesses and leashes and see if they’ll walk out in the grass around our neighbourhood.

Good luck to us to get a harness on those two.

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