Iris’ garden tour

A visit to Iris’ place today proved fruitful in the spring flowers department! My mom emailed me to let me know it feels more like March today in Calgary as the temperature has risen to minus 2 degrees. Spring is definitely in the air. Here’s what I found in Iris’ garden.

Hellebores – the plants used in “flying ointment” for witches. They’re out in full bloom – right on schedule – in time for Lent.

Turns out they’re totally poisonous, so it’s best not to ingest them. Oi. No one needs to be hallucinating they’re flying on brooms.

I discovered treasures here and there around the garden thanks to the kids that live downstairs. Treasures like Batman:

I also found some more croci:

According to this witchcraft website, crocuses are very magical – they attract love and grant visions. Since some of them are poisonous, it’s best not to eat them. But saffron comes from the non-poisonous types of crocuses, so if you want to eat them, pick up some saffron instead. I hear it’s a big pain to harvest your own saffron anyway.


Don’t worry, there’s no poisonous snakes in Burnaby. And this one is plastic, so everyone is safe.

A few more spring garden photos here. Enjoy!

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