It started with a birthday party

It’s only halfway through the weekend, and already, I’ve packed in a TON of fun. It started with Chris’ birthday yesterday. Look how happy he looks! It was only a few hours before this photo was taken he did a little sky diving. He jumped out of a plane Band of Brothers style in a camo plane with a shark face painted on the front.

The party was great! We ate cake and cupcakes with Chris’ face on them (I’ll post those later. It was quite the birthday feast).

I hope I’m not telling tales out of school, but I just have to tell you this.

Do you know where Lysa and Chris met? Their 9th grade math class. They’ve been together ever since. AWWWW! ADORABLE. I love that story.

I got to stay at Lysa & Chris’ place overnight because we were attending a quilting workshop in the morning. The workshop was a huge success. Our instructor, Barb Mortell, showed us how to make quilt tops freestyle – NO RULER or measuring! Some people even cut their fabric with scissors! WHAT? I know! Incredible.

This is Barb, freestyle quilter extraordinaire:

I used my rotary cutter, but didn’t measure or line anything up. Just cut and sew…cut and sew…this style of quilting suits me perfectly because somehow, even when I do line things up with a ruler and sew things, they don’t always match up. But doing it this way, they’re not SUPPOSED to line up and it makes beautiful results. Look what I made!

I transitioned from black and white to colour because this quilt top is very colourful. It’s going to be a big pillow for the couch. I am so excited after making this that I’ll be spending every spare minute working on Mike’s t-shirt quilt. I think I’m going to keep this style going! I love it. Not everything has to be square and perfect!

It’s a revelation.

And, thank goodness for that.


  1. Sarah says:

    That is a fantastic birthday portrait! Happy smile, lovely black and white, glowing candles-gah! where are you on my birthday?!

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