It’s what for dessert

We took Andrea to Granville Island today. I offered to do this because I always think it’s a nice thing to do with guests from out of town. But between you and I? I think I do that because I love it down there so much. The market smelled of fresh strawberries today, imported from California, stacked in tall pyramids around the market.

We kind of rushed through the market because it was dinner time and we were pretty hungry. I suggested we try the chicken and turkey stand to get some fresh poultry so we could barbecue it. Good call. Not only were the tandoori chicken breasts delightful on the BBQ, but the turkey and apple sausage really were a treat. Mike said they tasted like Christmas dinner.

For dessert, Andrea selected the gourmet deluxe Canucks brownie hockey pucks on sticks (shown above). It was coated in ganache and had an edible (I hope it was edible. I ate it.) logo on the top. I think I’m going to have to figure out how to make that coating – it was kind of like icing, but stickier – very delish.

After dinner, we sat around the table and talked and talked and talked. Suddenly it was 10 pm and way past Andrea’s bedtime! If it’s 10 pm here, that means it’s 1 o’clock in the morning in her head! Poor thing. She’s got business to do tomorrow and the day after that.

It was a lovely, lovely visit. Short, but very lovely.

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