Just to be clear…

Not a crazy cat lady.

Photo by Mike Browne. Font by Cynthia Frenette.

I think the lighting in the kitchen is good. I look tan and it’s not even close to summer. Also, I did not fake and bake and that is not a spray tan. Nice work, kitchen lights! Donner looks adorable. He is such a nice kitty when he’s not stealing bacon out of the frying pan.

My buddy, Cynthia, over at cynthia.ca made this font out of her own handwriting. Cynthia has the best handwriting. I learned at the art school where I work that it is actually called, “hand lettering”. I should say that Cynthia’s hand lettering is glorious. It really is lovely and she’s sharing it for free on her blog. I just learned that if you have a mac, it is very easy to download and install in photoshop. I think you can use it in word, too.

In addition to alerting you to the fact that I am NOT a crazy cat lady, I also felt the need to assure you that…

NOT a crazy pumpkin lady.

These two terra cotta pumpkins have been sitting in the thrift store window for 2 weeks. I had noticed them several times, but fought the urge to add to my jack o’ lantern collection. But today, I couldn’t fight that feeling anymore and picked them both up (they have a ghostly candle holder inside) for $8 (for both).

They are at the front entrance right now.

Never too early for Halloween at the Browne’s.

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