Looking up.

Donner. He's the little one.


Today was a long one. Not sure why that happens sometimes, but it does. I am really looking forward to my mom & sister coming out for the long weekend. I even took Friday off of work to prepare and get the house in order. I will definitely need it because for reasons unknown, we’ve had an infiltration of sewer smell in our house. Oof again. Stinky sewer gas. SO, we’ve had the plumbers in once and they’re coming back tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get it sorted out. Right now we have over dosed on pineapple/Hawaiian style air fresheners to fend off the stinky stink. So, it really smells like pineapple and sewer. EW.

The smell is clearly affecting Doug.

Even Doug is affected from the smell. He’s just resting on the stairs for now. Actually, it’s the front door that gets the smelliest. You just walk through the front door and BAM! You get hit with a big cloud of stink.

Moving on from stink, stank, stunk, here is a photo of Oscar looking through the screen door at me.


He’s been a bit curious about the front door lately. He is not allowed outside, ever, so he’ll just have to imagine what it’s like out there. Mike was talking about putting him on a leash to visit the great outdoors. I think Oscar may do okay with that, but not little Donner. I think he would lose his bologna and try to bolt for it.

We won’t try that experiment.

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