Making himself comfy

Move it, Bub.

This orange cat’s name is Cornbread and he lives at #21 with the He-Man-Ways. He is a goofy, fun cat with a wild streak in him. He’s also very soft.

Upon our arrival tonight for a visit, Cornbread hopped up on Mike’s bag within moments of Mike sitting down. I guess this is his thing – finding new spots for himself to sit on, and Mike’s murse (the man version of a purse) was Cornbread’s new bed. Mike was a good sport and let him just sit on his bag for a few minutes before shewing him away so we could drink our iced tea and eat our cheesecake. Yes. It was a dilly of a Faturday today. Tomorrow it’s back to beans and salad and protein. And water. Lots and lots of water.

Here’s an outtake of Cornbread making himself comfy on Mike’s lap + bag.


Not to worry, Cornbread wasn’t moving along in this photo. He was turning around looking to make a comfortable space for himself on the bag.

Today was an errand running day for me. I crossed a number of things off my, “To Do”, list, including getting our cameras ready for our big destination wedding tomorrow. It’s supposed to get up to 30 degrees Celsius (that’s nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit.) tomorrow up there, so we’re good in the weather department. We’re also good for the stream department as Bruce and Kathy have a stream running through their backyard. I have a feeling I’m going to be standing in the stream as much as possible. I should bring my telephoto so I won’t have to move at all from the icy water.

I also picked out a dress this afternoon. I’ll get Mike to get my photo so you can see it. You can also see very blurry photo of part of it here. I also picked up a pair of sandals. They are lovely and shiny and will (hopefully) go with my new dress. I’ll show you tomorrow.

Now it’s time to get to bed. We’ve got a big road trip ahead for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it!

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