Meanwhile, back in the cold part of Canada…

This is how they do it in Nova Scotia:

Birthday party in the front yard!

This is Mike’s dad’s front yard on Sunday morning! It was his birthday and in celebration, peegs and birdies from all over flocked to his house, thanks to Mike’s sister. They must have come for the cake.

Did you notice the sidewalks are perfectly cleared around the yard? What a lovely neighbour. We rarely have to shovel the sidewalk, and when we have to (twice a year at most) it’s a big groan fest. If we’re lucky, we have a heads up and just sprinkle salt on the sidewalks the night before. CHEATERS! I’m pretty sure the Brownes Senior did not clear their walkways with salt. Good thing. How could the little piggies get to their house if they sidewalk was not clear?

Ted was pleased with his gathering of animals AND gave me 100% permission to post these photos! I especially love this photo of him.

Dr. Browne is a pig cuddler

I like how’s he’s cuddling this little piggy. He was a Swine Specialist in his day, so he knows all about those animals. I’ll bet he even knows that the only continent that pigs are not found is Antarctica. Or that pigs have such a good sense of smell that the police have started using them to sniff out drugs. HA! HOW I would love to be at the airport when the Drug Pigs arrive! Sooie!

Speaking of drug pigs, maybe this guy has a career ahead of him in the war against drugs.

It never gets old! And happy belated birthday to you, Dr. Browne! I am so glad the peegs and flamingos found you for your birthday.


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