Meet Arnold

This is Arnold

After a lovely day of sewing (pincushion shown below), we went for a visit to my Aunt’s place in Langley. Lots has changed since the last time we were there – they have several new kitties they rescued from the street. Yah. Someone dumped them. Cruel. But thank goodness she and my uncle rescued 2 adults and 3 babies = 6 cats in total plus the 2 they already had. 8! They had 8 cats at one point. Happily, after they cleaned them up and got them healthy, some nice people adopted the babies, so they only have 5 cats now.

Pin cushion full of pins

The only male in the bunch is Arnold and he’s a soft, friendly cuddle bug. Until I met Oscar and then Donner,  I never really met a cat that was snuggly and friendly. This guy was super friendly. And soft. What a nice guy!

After meeting Arnold we went for Chinese Food, then came back and watched the last episode of MadMen. I only half watched it because we were busy chit chatting. Once we got home, we re-watched it. I really wanted to watch it carefully so I could get that going-over-it-in-English-class kind of breakdown experience. I won’t spoil anything, but the last episode was pretty great. And clever. I usually hate the ending of my favourite shows (Sopranos AND Dexter, I’m talking to YOU!) or I feel sad at the end (Six Feet Under, are you listening?) but this time I felt happy at the season finale. WEIRD and YAY!

I think MadMen was the perfect show.

I mean it!

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