Meet Doug.

Meet Doug.

The Halloween festivities have officially begun at Chez Browne! We picked up our very own Life Drawing Skeleton from the He-Man-Ways tonight and he’s been sitting in the living room with us, watching Boardwalk Empire. We changed his name from Toby – Johanna became fond of him and named him while he waited for us to pick him up.

Do you know what his favourite instrument is? The trom-BONE! HA! Be prepared to hear ALL the corny skeleton jokes there are over the next nine days.

Doug is settling in fine and the cats have welcomed him in to the family – first by sniffing him a little bit (on the knee for some reason) and then by sitting with him.


That’s Donner sitting next to him. And Oscar is currently sitting UNDER the chair, so, all is well. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear a crash in the night at some point and will find Doug slumped over or fallen out of the chair.

I can’t wait to dress him up! And he’s pose-able, too! His arms stay up and apparently, he can even stand up! We’ll see about that.

Skeleton jokes – I find them humerus.


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