Mike is…

Mike in Triptycha) starring in the next episode of CHIPS.

b) dropping by the Blue Oyster Bar for a dance (if you’ve never seen Police Academy, that won’t make much sense.)

c) supporting some new policing programs being created by the Vancouver Police Department

If you picked b, you’re correct. NO! Just kidding! If you picked c), then you are correct. These sunglasses are part of a fundraising campaign for the Vancouver Police Foundation to fund crime prevention projects. I picked these up today and I have to say, with Mike’s mustache, this aviator look totally suits him.

Other than Mike’s new sunglasses, I’ve got nothing to report. All I’ve been thinking about all day is how I’m going to finish my Halloween quilt and what I should make with my Jelly Roll roll. Tonight and tomorrow are late nights for me, but I may be able to sneak in some sewing on Wednesday and Thursday. Also, I’ve been thinking of applique. Yup.

Riveting stuff.

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