Misty mountain memories

Scott on the mountain

Photos taken of Mr. Scott He-Man-Way on his 40th birthday at Cypress Mountain. Merry birthday to him!

The last few days we’ve had thick, thick, fog in the mornings and, apparently in the evenings…not that I really noticed much of the night time fog. I read somewhere that we are having a record dry spell in Vancouver for the month of October. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the fog, but last night was DRY and chilly. And beauteous. So, Mike & Scott picked me up from work and we headed over to West Vancouver all the way the up to Cypress Mountain. From way up there, we could see the fog. It was dreamy.

Misty & foggy.

I just shot with my 50mm, so I wasn’t able to get anything too close up, but I love the colours and the glow.

Misty and foggy.

Vancouver is under there…somewhere.

The air was crisp and FRESH! It smelled like trees up there. Mike and I both noticed this morning when we woke up that we had slept very well. Must have been all that fresh air. Come the winter, we’ll be back up on Cypress Mountain (and Mt. Seymour) with our snow shoes on going for walks in the snow. I’ve heard great things about Mount Baker, and since we’re so close to the border, we have to try it.

While in the mostly pitch black, I tried to take some self portraits, but was unable to get the focus right. Mike took this photo for me.

Me, sitting in front of the mist.

That’s me sitting in front of the mist.

Such a tourist.

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