My favourite photos of 2010

I wasn’t going to do this, but I changed my mind. I have 2 favourite photos from last year. First!

I took this photo before we headed out to Niagara Falls back in September. That trip to Toronto was a huge highlight of 2010. We had a great time hanging out with my Grandma for her birthday, seeing The Blue Jays win and hanging out with Paul – an old pal who moved to Toronto from Vancouver a few years ago.

Now that I think of it, we had a couple good visits this year. My sister came to Vancouver twice – once with my cousin Andrea and once with my mom.

Also, how could I forget? I went to the Olympics and the Paralympics this year! Man, did I ever. Another thumbs up for the Year of the Tiger right there.

Man. I forgot about all of this. I’ve had lots of good times this year. Good thing I blog, or else I’d believe I did NOTHING over the last year. Or that I had NO fun at all.

My second favourite photo of this year includes the newest edition to the Browne clan – Mr. Donner – the once feral kitty, now a very friendly and affectionate cat. I had no idea a kitty could be so friendly and fun to be around.

I’m glad I changed my mind about writing this post, if for no other reason than reminding myself to remember the good stuff, the real stuff I did and participated in. Contrary to what I thought last night, The Year of the Tiger was very good overall. It really was!

Now it’s your turn (if you like) – tell me what your favourite memory or photo was from 2010.




  1. anna says:

    I was born in the Year of the Tiger, and 2010 was definitely MY YEAR!!
    The Highlights:
    The Olympics – all I can say is ‘Wow! What fun!’
    Montreal – Ty’s best friend graduates from the National Theatre School of Canada, and Ty and I were there courtesy of his sponsor.. what a wonderful whirlwind weekend!
    Los Cabos – just me and my kidlets, 5 star!!
    My got married! – and me, as maid of honour ♥
    Las Vegas.. I think you might have heard?
    A high school reunion – don’t ask how many years…
    A real date! – he’s totally not the The One, but hey, it was a date!

    Did I say the year was amazing? I meant AMAZING!

    ps.. your two photos… truly fabulous ♥

    Happy New Year, Carol! Hope 2011 is amazing for you…xo

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