My helper

Kitty feet

After a fun morning of hanging out with some pals, we headed home and I spent a couple of hours cutting and sewing up squares for my Sprinkle Quilt I started at the sew in last weekend with Happy Zombie. That was only last week, but it feels like it was a dream somehow. Probably because that weekend sped by WAY too fast. And so did this one, now that I think of it. I need a time machine or a time slower-downer. I’m sure there’s one out there. I’m just running out of time way too often these days.

But, back to this quilt. I decided to use some camera and film fabric I’ve collected and been gifted over the last year or so.

Checking it outSince I didn’t have enough camera pieces to fill all the squares, I used my favourite solid colour – charcoal or battleship gray. I can’t explain it. I just love grey in my quilts. Call me Amish! I just love it.

More helping

Donner is so helpful in this process.

So, it took me longer than some of my quilting buddies to get this far because:

1) I am just very slow

2) I mis-measured an entire section of squares. So I had to fix them by adding a 2 inch piece to those squares. The lesson I learned from this is never to measure and cut when you’re in a rush to eat a potluck lunch on a Faturday. Just put the fabric down when lunch is announced and measure and cut AFTER I’ve eaten the lime jello salad.

Thank you for your help, Donner.I decided on the following layout for the quilt today.

Sprinkle Quilt!

The dark grey squares are a bit much, but I still like it. I think I’ll do the quilting in grey thread as  well.


  1. Kat P says:

    Carole, you are not slow…you are gracefully poised for a spectacular finish! So there!! Haha! I also get kitty help, and we must let our furry children help, no matter that they change the block layout! Love this post and I like your quilt! It’s going to look fabulous! Mine is about at the stage in the proces!

  2. Andrea says:

    HI Carol, that looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished. Don’t worry about being slow, it is not a race! I love how Donner is helping! My cats like to help too 🙂 They are even WORSE with puzzles though!! hehehe.

  3. Lysa says:

    Maybe he thought you couldn’t see him, since he’d blend in with the dark grey blocks? I bet he thought, “she’ll never know!” Cat’s they think they are so sneaky!

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