My new office mates

The boss is watching.

Whoa. I got it. APPLY FOR MORE JOBS! Jeez. Oscar is quite the task master. Well, kitty’s gotta eat!

I had a good day of job searching and a teeny bit of schmoozing. I also ran some errands and cleaned the bathroom. I had dinner ready by 6:30 and we were in our pyjamas watching TV by 7:10. Woohoo! Early birds!

Talk about a Gratitude List. I read somewhere that keeping a Gratitude List keeps you positive in times of change, so I might as well start now while I’m feeling positive to begin with.

Tomorrow will be more of the same. And probably on Friday, too. Wait. Haircut on Friday. Mike and I are going together. Adorable, right? Heather will cut our hair assembly line style.  And then this weekend? I’m taking a quilting class with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and we’ll be making this adorable fox quilt block with a bunch of people from that guild. And, I’ll be going for lunch at a place called, Relish. Apparently they serve the best burgers in town. I’ll be the judge of that! Too bad Mike’s going to miss it. He’ll be at work. The burgers, I mean. I don’t think he’d be into sewing foxes.

Hopefully Oscar won’t mind me having a good time on the weekend.


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