Only gratuitous baby photos for you today…

We had a visit from Baby Brodie today. Wait. Make that little man Brodie today. Sheesh. In only a few short months, he’s turned into a tiny man. He doesn’t look like baby at all. I’m pretty sure he’s smoking cigars when Elinor’s not looking. And probably eating apples. He does have 2 teeth after all.

Here he is, sitting up all by himself on the couch at work.

Way to go, Brodie! This sitting-on-the-couch skill will prove useful down the road.

This is some hard-hitting blogging right now.

This is Brodie chewing on a little giraffe – his favourite toy – photobooth style.

Adorable, right?

I thought so, too.

Join me tomorrow for more intense cuteness…or maybe not. I can’t promise I can provide this level of baby cuteness two days in a row.

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