Oscar is my Vanna

Chicken legs? Nope. Oscar legs.

Mike asked me to please make him a microwaveable fabric bowl so he could take it to work for when he makes himself some oatmeal. TA DA! I did it! And it was only my second try. My first try was pretty wonky, but this one? It worked! I’ll be making a few more for sure. I used this tutorial. And now I know how to make darts. DARTS!

And nothing would be complete on the internets without people posting warnings everywhere that these fabric bowls COULD catch fire in the microwave. So if Mike’s breakfast ever does go up in flames, I’ll be sure to let you know. I have another one that someone gave me and so far, no sparks. Just a bowl that doesn’t burn my fingers when I take it out of the microwave.

Oscar was helpful – as always – while I photographed today’s sewing accomplishment:


Oh, thanks, Oscar! He loved this little bowl. You have to make 2 pieces (they are exactly the same) and then sew them together. When I was working on one half of the bowl, Oscar would sit on the other half. Total. Goofball. I’m sure only a little bit of cat hair will make it into Mike’s breakfasts.


I did take a lint brush to it!

While the sewing is going well, I’m not so sure it’s all that interesting to anyone reading this. But! I will post the next 6 inches of my quilt that I made today.

 6 more inches

The blocks are slowly getting more complicated, but I’m keeping up. And today, I did some quality assurance to make sure all the squares are exactly 3 inches by 3 inches. Here is what I’ve got:

These guys pass.

As you can see, I had to remove the “bonus block” for this quilt today. It was over an inch too big and when I took it apart and tried to resew it, it was not making things better. I threw it away (RIP little block) and will try again tomorrow. I’ve only got 1 block to make (I’m all caught up for the time being) so tomorrow I’ll take my time and redo it.

This is very unusual for me.

I’m usually a, “I’ll make-it-fit” kind of person.

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