Oscar looks like this because…

a) It was the season finale of Mad Men. And who knows when the next season will begin.
b) He’s still not allowed out on the balcony.
c) He just doesn’t smile for photos. Sheesh.
d) He prefers formal portraits.
e) All of the above.

Speaking of the balcony…there have been some happy recipients of the recent wet weather pattern.

The 50 cent lavender I picked up last summer. I put it in a pot and hoped for the best. It didn’t look good at all last summer, then died back in the winter. I didn’t expect to see it back at all, but it did come back and looking better than ever. This means flowery, lavender tea! It’s super easy to make, just 4 tsp of fresh leaves in a mug and fill it up with boiling water. Just strain out the leaves after about 5 minutes. You can even add lemon juice if you like. Lovely!

If Oscar were to drink tea, I’m pretty sure he would drink lavender tea. With a sprinkle of sugar.

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