Our trip to Fake Holland

We got up really early this morning – at 5:30 – and hit the road about an hour later. It wasn’t too tough to get out of our cozy bed after the big storm last night because we were on our way to the United States. Rather than going to LaConner, I decided we should go to Roozengaarde in Mount Vernon. Just a side note – good going Roozengaarde for getting “tulips.com”. Excellent scoop on that domain name. They either snagged that early on or paid big bucks for it.

At our stop at the Border Crossing into the US, the guard was friendly.

US Border Guard looking at our passports: Where are you going today?

Me: To the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon!

US Border Guard: Oh no, Mike! How did she convince you to do that?

The border crossing at 7:00 am was about 45 minutes. Not bad – especially compared to yesterday.

We only had to drive about an hour past the border and into the countryside of Washington State. The weather was totally unstable – we hit rain, then hail, then overcast skies during that drive. I just hoped that we’d be able to get a break in the rain so we could take photos without having to haul out the umbrella or spend hours in the car waiting for it to stop raining.

Once we got to the display garden (with the windmill) the rain had passed for the time being and we all got our photos on:

I took over 200 photos today. I took pictures of people with groovy flower boots:

I got some good close ups of all different types of tulips:

The yellow and pink ones were my favourite. They’re called Fidelio – and apparently were named after an opera composed by Beethoven.

Sometimes I took the photos of the names of the flowers, like this one:

Watch those tulips. They’re stealthy.

For the most part, we followed all the tulip rules,

I’ve got plenty of tulip shots…so if you like that sort of thing, there’ll be many of them posted over the next few days. We also went to a big tulip field nearby, so I got some tulips in the wild photos, too. Very beautiful. It was a great day and we stayed dry the whole time we were shooting. Good/lucky timing for us.


  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow 5:30, you’re so dedicated. Nice photos as always……….could you take crappy one once in awhile so the rest of us amateurs don’t feel so bad.

  2. Dianne says:

    Amazing pics! Who knew yellow & pink could be sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing Carol…you rock!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Oooh so pretty! I love the pink & yellow ones too! & I’m glad the rain held off for you and the border wasn’t too crazy!

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