People still bowl!

by Carol Browne on June 26, 2013 · 0 comments

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Bowling at the Commodore

We headed over to the Commodore Bowling Lanes for a little team builder tonight after work. The lanes were BUSY and it was hot down those stairs into the bowling alley. PHEW! We worked up quite a sweat down there, throwing 5 pin bowling balls down the lanes. I haven’t bowled in ages, let alone 5 pin. I forgot about the marionette strings that pull them up between frames. I didn’t think it would be that much fun to be honest. However, it turned out to be a great time. Much to my surprise! An added bonus to being in the bowling alley is that you can YELL! as loud as you want. You can be noisy. Really noisy! We screamed and yelled and cheered each other on. I’m a pretty noisy person, but didn’t realize just how much I enjoy yelling until tonight. I went to town in the volume department.

Bowling at the Commodore

We all had our bowling styles. That’s for sure. Also, Mimi actually bought her own pair of bowling shoes for this very event. That was $40 well spent, I would say. Notice the neon yellow. Fancy!

Bowling at the Commodore

Olga could be a serious bowler as well as a not-so-serious bowler.

Bowling at the Commodore

Even though this photo is no where near to being in focus as well as being cross-processed differently than the others in this series, I believe that the sentiment is pretty clear in this photo:

Bowling at the Commodore

Short version – don’t mess with Heather.

But yelling WITH Heather? That’s totally fine.

Plenty more bowling photos here! Enjoy! And really, consider bowling a few frames in the near future and yell a lot.

It’s fun.

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