PHEW! That was a lot of photos!

Cowardly Lion

It was a good thing I did take those two days off work last week because I filled them up with photoshoots and photo edits. PHEW! Today I did a lot of edits and I still need to get through The Wiz. Oi. Also, my days off were filled with singing…lots and lots of singing. I was serenaded with Broadway musical numbers, Symphonic Rock (HEH. That’s how the singer described her band. It sounded like Gothic Rock to me. It also looked goth = a spiderweb covered bosom and corset.) and some Rock.

Ryan right after he finished singing for the night.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the experience I had last night ever again – unlimited access to the stage before, during and after the show. WHOA! Crazy. It was fun to have all that access. It also felt a bit obnoxious – Oh hi guys! I’m here while you’re performing! Hello audience!

I also discovered in my photo edits today that I had inadvertently taken several photos of someone in the audience that had peed his pants. I wasn’t expecting that. But yup, right up front and centre, there was a dude who had clearly wet himself and continued dancing around while Ryan’s band played and sang. Good times! Hopefully the Red Room bleached that dance floor last night. YEESH.

While Mike is not part of a band, this photo certainly looks like he could be.

Out in the alley.That was a pretty quick 4 days off. However, this week coming up is going to be another short one. The weekend coming up is the Happy Zombie weekend! Woohoo! We are planning a potluck to end all potlucks for Saturday and I am making my late Aunt Sharon’s Jello Salad.

Time to break out a Jello mold. I have one in mind. I just need to find it.

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