Planning meeting

Traveling buddies

So that went well. We met up tonight to plan a few things to do together while we goof off in the desert next week. Breakfast at the Paris is about the only thing we nailed down. Everything else? We’ll play by ear. That’s a good plan if you ask me.

Two more sleeps. and I’m going to sleep fast tonight AND tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of picking out the flowers for the upcoming graduation ceremony. I will be going right to the florist so I can see all the pretty choices of Christmas arrangements, boutonnières, and bouquets. I am really looking forward to that. For some reason, I’ve always had a fantasy of running a flower shop. For a little while, I tried to find work in that field and did work for a week or so at florist on the North Shore. Sadly, after 1 week, I never got scheduled again, so I guess I didn’t cut it. A few months after, I met someone who used to own his own flower store. He said it was very stressful because he had to constantly manage the timing of the flowers. With inventory that could die within days of receiving it, he said he would wake up in the middle of the night, worried, he had too many flowers and couldn’t possibly sell them all. Of course, I had never thought of that part of the business. All I think of are the good smells and the pretty things.

I’ll be happy to start my day off with pretty things and good smells tomorrow.

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