Preparing for tomorrow

AKA – taking it easy. I know. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Parade downtown and I am so excited to go this year that I was dreaming of Lion Dancers last night. I could hear the cymbals and everything as I woke up this morning to the meows of the Smashy Brothers Choir. For reasons unknown, Donner continued to sing the song of his people AFTER he ate. Maybe he was thanking us for the breakfast? I’m not sure, but Oscar couldn’t have cared less and fell asleep immediately after eating. I don’t get these guys at all. Good thing they are cute and sometimes cuddly.

Today I sported the sockettes I picked up at the night market at Aberdeen Centre on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Clearly they are Valentine socks – see the little skeleton hearts? CUTE! They cost $10 for 5 of them! I picked up a variety pack of socks – including 2 pairs for Mike. Sadly, Mike informed me that he would not wear the Superman or Batman socks that I bought him because he’s pretty sure they are girls’ socks. I assured him they were picked from the mens’ pile of socks. He said, “Nope.” and let me know he doesn’t wear sockettes. Huh. Who knew? Looks like I will wear those unlicensed Batman and Superman socks.

I wore my unlicensed Starbucks logo socks yesterday.

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