Productive. Not exciting.

Bread. It happened.

Before I could even get the oatmeal out of the cupboard this morning, I could not stand one more second of the spice area in the kitchen. Or the baking stuff. Or anything in that cupboard. I had a big blast of productivity/cleaning attack and cleaned it ALL out. I pulled everything out, chucked out the doubles (so much fennel seed. Why so much? Also, 5 bags of icing sugar – 2 of which were half full and open. WHAT?) pitched out the stale cereal boxes and put it all back in the cupboard with room to spare. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it to. I should do a cupboard a weekend and I’ll have the most well organized kitchen ever.

Also, I found corn syrup from 2014.

Since I had a big clean up, I found some packages of quick rise yeast and decided to use what I had and whip up some bread. This is definitely the way to go – fresh bread in about an hour and a half. I used this super easy recipe. Now I want to try some whole grain breads – my favourite. The kind with lots of seeds and fibres in them. YAH!

While the bread was baking and the chicken stew was stewing, I headed upstairs to my sewing space, listened to podcasts and sewed this!

3 more inches!

Three more glorious inches. And that tiny checkerboard in the middle? I can’t believe it turned out! The tiny squares are really square!

The design wall is growing

It’s really growing! In another 347 days, I just may have a pillow at this rate. But I will soldier on.

Mike and his beard.

And Mike was very impressed by my sewing room in all it’s cleanliness. I’m telling you, something about cleaning things up makes me feel great! And productive!

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