Puppet in the park

I got up this morning and dropped Mike off to work for his 7:00 start. In the morning. Oi. That’s early. But I was on a mission to get to Langley for the Bonsai Show – baby trees! Our friend, Wes, told me about it and I had to go. Since I was there so early, we met for breakfast and then stopped off at a local garden for a photo shoot until it was time to head over to see the teeny trees.

We chit-chatted, took photos of the beautiful spring/summer flowers, walked across a few bridges, saw some geese, walked up a path and were greeted by this:

What the? What’s with the puppet in the garden? Or should I say over-sized ventriloquist dummy? Is this a joke?

Wes assured me that this was no joke. As frightening as this sculpture is, this is a tribute for a past mayor in the local vicinity. Apparently this is how he dressed and everything. Keep in mind, it was in the 50’s, so I guess I should give him a break? EEP!

What do you do when you come across a gigantic scary wooden doll in the park?

You make friends with him.


  1. Kelaine says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, Langley is the home of misshapen chainsaw art. Have you seen the voyageurs with the wrong size legs and a canoe attached to their heads?

  2. Denise says:

    Wow! I have lived here my whole life and I have never heard of this. I wonder what else I am missing?

    I agree that making friends seems like a good idea, especially with something that looks like Chucky and appears that it is going to run around late at night wreaking havoc on the local teenagers.

    Poor Mike had to miss all the fun.

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