Quilting Bea

This is Bea – sitting next to Cynthia. She’s an internet friend that came for a visit and other assorted adventures all the way from Texas. To celebrate, we had a quilting party in Lysa’s backyard. It was lovely. She set up tables and miles of extension cords and we all plugged in our irons and sewing machines and got cracking. We had treats and iced tea that we drank through green glass straws.

We chatted and we sewed stuff. So, a lot of the time, we looked down.

Some of us sewed on our machines, like Lysa. Some sewed by hand, like Berene

…and Krista

And some of us ate treats off our sewing machines!

And…I got to see Krista’s beautifully bound Fly quilt. She finished hand stitching the binding today. These are the lyrics to the Beatles’ song, Blackbird. It is an amazing, huge quilt top – I think she said 86 inches across. YUGE!

It was a glorious, treat-filled day. Oh, and I turned Amy’s portrait into art (turn it black and white and put a frame on it.)


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