Ready? ACTION!

Skating! Action!

It seems I got a few good action shots at the last Bladezillas game. At least something good came out of that game, because, well, the men lost this game. And how. At one point, the game was 4-1 for the Bulldogs. UGH. But they did rally, and in the end, they lost 5-3. Not the best start to the finals, but it’s the best out of 3, so they can still win the next two games.Number 10

While I was glad to get some good photos of the guys skating and shooting and stuff, I have to admit, my favourite part of taking photos of the players is RIGHT after the final minute of play. It’s the time when they all take off their helmets and skate leisurely down the ice to shake hands with the opposing team. I was all ready for the happy handshake photos by standing right at the Bladezillas’ bench (no plexiglass to shoot through!) and then I could get some nice candids with messy hair and red cheeks. That plan went sideways when the other team DID NOT line up to shake hands. WHAT? Poor form! Those dudes won! So, I was stuck at the bench as the entire team glumly came back to get their stuff. I took a couple of sad faced player photos, but none really came out in focus. Also, I could not ignore the feeling they didn’t want their photos taken, so I put the camera down, and Dewey said, “Thanks for coming out tonight.” sadly as he walked to the dressing room. Oof. It was a sad day in Bladeland, that’s for sure.

Speaking of Dewey, here he is in action:

Dewey skating!

Dewey’s #88.

Sean really close!

That’s Sean, coming right for us. I haven’t timed him, but I think he’s one of the fastest skaters on the team. I hear he’s quite the roller blader, too.

And here’s Duncan…Duncan ready to shoot.

…ready for a slap shot.

I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but this is only a small selection of the first half of the game. I have quite the backlog to load up on the computer. Since tomorrow I’ve got no plans after work, I can spend some time sorting that out.

My big file experiment has failed. Unless I get another computer. Heh. But now, for now, I know what settings NOT to use (NEF + fine jpg). Yikes.

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