REAL old family photos

Family photos - some we know, some we don't.

My mom and sister scanned in a whole bunch of photos from an assortment of family photo albums recently. Some of these people we know. Some, we don’t. Like this man in the centre of the mosaic. Who is he? What was he doing in the 40s in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? Why was he standing in this vegetable patch? The questions! They’re endless! How did he end up in my grandma’s photo album?

I love this photo of my grandma in the white flapper dress as a young girl, and this lady on the beach in the full coat and hat was my great grandma – no idea who the kid is in the front there. I’m also amazed by the car that is next to my grandpa in this photo.

I also need to point out the the fine documentation of this photo of me on my Uncle Bill’s shoulders. You can clearly see the Calgary Tower in the background, the size of that car my uncle is standing in front of and, well, those pants. Those checkered pants are clearly from the 70s era. So. Terrific.

Many thanks to my mom and sister for these glorious photos. My sister really needs a few days off soon so she can scan in even more photo for our enjoyment. You can see all the photos individually here.

And who is this man on the Vespa? Who is he?


  1. michelle says:

    i love old pictures … and i understand the frustration of not knowing who they are of! we have a box of pictures at home … a few years ago, i went through it with dad and wrote the names on the ones he knew, but some of them remain mysteries.

    i love the flapper picture, too … and the 70s pants, of course! 😉

  2. Leah says:

    Your gramma was not alone in her coat on the beach. Look at the couple behind her.
    I love the knee highs with the flapper dress. Very chic.
    And I loved the Alexandra bridge. I remember crossing it. You used to be able to drive down to it and walk on it. It isn’t safe for cars anymore. I wonder if one still can? Maybe I will check that out some day.
    Maybe the ’70s were the reason some men are so conservative in their dress now. That cannot be pleasant for your uncle to look back on! We thought we were so cool at the time though.
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Trudy says:

    Hi, I just love all old photographs. I am on a site called Flickr and I do alot of photo restoration for people. I did a few of the ones above, and if you would like, I could put them on my photostream for you to take.
    Take care,

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