Resurrected? Reanimated?

Guess who’s back?

Oh hai, Doug!

Sorry to rub it in to all those people in the Lower Mainland without power still. But we had a pretty fun day going to the movie theatre across the street again to see, Inside Out. So cute. That movie was great. I loved it. And there was a cute short animation before it about Hawaiian Islands. You can see a clip of it here. Adorable!

Oh, Doug!

We also went out for our anniversary dinner to The Keg which was lovely and delicious. The server told us that they didn’t have power last night, so they shut down for the afternoon/evening. However, the Cactus Club across the street had power, so everyone went there. An incredible restaurant story! Thank goodness for the Cactus Club, that’s for sure.

With the power still on, we went to Canada’s favourite big box store and bought some supplies just in case the power does go out again. We discovered that we were sadly unprepared for a disaster. Thankfully, our disaster lasted only 3 hours or so, so we were okay with our kindles and our naps. But what if we had no power and no water for days? Oh man. All the water we had on hand was 1 water bottle in the fridge. Whoa. Not good. No canned food. 1 small propane tank for the BBQ. Uh. We need to have some kind of supplies on hand.

Unfortunately everyone had the same idea and the store was pretty much picked over. We did get a big 20L water jug, though. Good luck to Mike dragging that down to the stairs once it’s full of water. I also picked up a new broom! Yah! One that gets into the nooks a crannies which was put to good use today. The front steps have never looked cleaner.

While I was hard at work…

Oh Doug! You're hilarious!

Doug & Oscar told jokes and stuff.

Happy together.

Aww! Reunited!

It’s good to have you back, Doug.

Donner's not so sure.

Donner will get used to him again.

In time.

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