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I had a busy of day of getting a piece of jewelery appraised today – an heirloom of sorts – to learn that the ring that sat in a safety deposit box for 30 years (or longer) has a value (today) of $23.63. Well, the stone had that value. I have to say I didn’t know anything about star sapphires until today. In the 1940’s, a company called Union Carbide created a synthetic star sapphire (by accident! LOLS!) and sold about a kabillion of them. They were very popular back in the day. I also to see a book called, How To Grow Your Own Rubies. And as the gemologist said, “Here’s the recipe for your ring right here!” Heh. She also fed a seagull some bread that came to the window in between looking at my ring through the microscope. True Story.

It turns out actual Star Sapphires are very, very, very rare. The gemologist told me she has never actually seen one in her entire time she’s been a gemologist – only at the Museum of Natural History. And it looks like the biggest ever Star Sapphire – The Black Star of Queensland – was used as a doorstop before an eagle-eyed rock hound spotted it and shined it up.

I learned a lot today and I got to tell Malcolm & Mike all about it on our ride home after work. Mike and I have nearly the same schedule this month, so we traveled together and Malcolm met us and took us home in his little car on his way home.

That’s Malcolm in the rear view.

I think I’ll put that ring back in my jewelery box and wear it on a rainy day.

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  1. Jean says:

    I’m so afraid to take some old family jewellery in for appraisal for just that reason. But then, what if it’s worth many thousands and I don’t know?

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