Rubbing hairy faces

Donner & Mike

I decided I should take Donner to the vet today after he peed in the living room for the 3rd time in one week. In the same spot. EW. I know. Cat pee. In the house. Nightmare. I have been going through bottles of enzyme remover and other kitty smell killer. We set up a second litter box for him, keeping it pristine and ready for action. Still, this morning before work? A wet spot on the carpet. YUCK.

After work Mike and I put Donner in the carrier – that was a feat. Donner’s a squirmy little guy. I took him across the street to the 24 Hour Vet clinic, expecting him to be “fine”. His blood sugar was fine. Next up was the x-ray, and about 20 minutes later he was in surgery. WHAT? A blockage of crystals in his urinary stream. Poor little guy. He hasn’t been feeling well for about a week. Maybe longer. Oof.

So, he’ll be at the vet’s for at least 2 nights – he’ll be on a catheter tonight and then they have to observe him tomorrow to make sure everything gets back to normal after that.

Good thing we have pet insurance this time.

I’ll check in on Donner tomorrow morning on my way to work. I miss that little guy. But he’s just young, I’m sure he’ll bounce back from this. Once he’s home, he’ll be eating different food. And so will Oscar. No more bacon treats for either of them!

Instead of feeling glum and worried about the kitty, I think I’ll watch this video about 10 more times.

I just shipped my nightie!


  1. Barb says:

    I feed my 16 year old cat raw food now, and he is so much healthier! Freezer section ( who knew?!) of the pet food store. Your bean (Donner) had to move, that’s stressful for everyone.

  2. Andrea says:

    Keep us posted, I feel awful for you guys. A blockage is the worst 🙁 So glad you noticed it and got him in. And good on you for having the pet insurance! I don’t have it for my guys but I definitely should.

  3. Schnookie says:

    Poor little Donner! I hope he has a quick and painless recovery. Give him (and Oscar) lots of hugs for me.

  4. Andrea says:

    Also its funny Barb above mentioned moving….that’s when Simon got his crystals…when he was pulled out of his (icky hoarder) foster home with his siblings and moved to my house. Although we’ve moved 3 times since, but maybe because we all made the move together (didn’t have to deal with new people) he was ok.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Awww poor Donner! Our old Bucky had that surgery done & lived a long life after that with no problems after that. I hope he gets to come home fast! xoxo

  6. Jean says:

    Poor kitty! And a great communicator — we had a cat that would pee in the bathtub every time he was sick, to tell us so. He’ll be fine in no time!

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