That is one happy camper.

Show and Tell at Quilting Bee night can be very satisfying. So is making the perfect quilt. I saw Tracey’s quilt and it’s awesome. I’d been happy too, if I sewed this excellent quilt. More photos to follow. I just have to edit them.

I am happy to announce that I attended the destash tonight:

All that fabric!

and all I came home with was 1 piece of Betty Boop fabric from 1996. I brought 3 bags and a box of fabric from my sewing room. I love how my sewing room feels now it’s all clean. I actually want to sew! I didn’t want to fill it up again with stuff. I found fabric that I bought to make something with because it looked like snakeskin for the Year of the Snake. That was 2 ears ago! No chance that’s happening. 10 more years until it’s the Year of the Snake again. Forget it! Into the pile it went. I’d call that a success.

My eyelids are heavy tonight and I’m up a bit too late. So glad tomorrow’s Friday.

It’s been a long week.

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