Serious art is serious.

Art is serious business

Last Saturday we visited our pal, Tami, up at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park – right next to the Conservatory. We also went inside and took photos of the birds in there, but I’ll leave those photos for another day. We were really busy last Saturday. Bands, birds and art all in one day. Oh, and Mike worked, too. Probably explains why we spent the entire day of Sunday on the couch.

But, back to the art, Tami is a beautiful watercolour painter. She paints all sorts of things – flowers, birds, the cityscape – the view of the city is lovely from up there.

The view!


Original, affordable art!Tami will be up there selling her paintings for the month of August. There’s still time to buy a card or a painting. And it’s lovely up there. Added bonus: lots of wedding parties up there. We saw 3 in about an hour.

In other news, I made some delicious meatloaf tonight. The secret ingredient? Shredded zucchini. It was super tasty. Here’s the recipe I used. I just substituted in almond meal for bread crumbs and omitted the brown sugar. Also, it said to put it in a pie plate instead of a bread loaf pan. I actually did what it said. And, YUM.

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