Sewing and sleeping…

And I helped!

But not in that order. I really slept in this morning. AHHHHHH! Glorious. I get up pretty early during the week days now (5:50 am. OOF.) so when the weekend comes around I’m catching up (or that’s what I tell myself, anyway.). Mike worked today so I had the whole place to myself – and my helpers, of course – so I sewed and sewed and sewed. First off, I finished the Kitchen Sink quilt top. I’ve shown it before. There wasn’t much to finish, just that final, bottom row. DONE! Next up, I’m going to have to sew the backing. I’m going to have to measure the quilt top because it’s huge and then make a trip to Save On Fabric down the street. Also, I need a lot of quilt batting. That will be another weekend’s project.

My helper, Oscar, lounged on the top and let me take his photo.


Sometimes, he’ll pose. Today was one of those days. YAY! Thanks Oscar!

More posing!

Next up, I sewed up 2 pairs of spooky eyeball blocks. The angry eyes are my favourite:


I had to rip out some previous attempts of the angry eyes, but I finally got them looking pretty close to perfect. I love them so much that I think I’ll keep them for myself. I know! Selfish! I had to sew, pick out stitches, and then repeat a few times before I got them looking like this. I’ve got some other pieces I can turn into more angry eyes, so maybe those ones will make it to October’s Quilt Guild meeting. If not, the little round eyes will make it there for sure. The fabric I used for the irises have eyeballs on them.


Very meta!

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