Shifty Santa

I was up before the crack of dawn this morning and was sitting at the IHOP in Abbotsford at 9:00 sharp with my knife and fork ready for pancakes. I had the Rooty Tutti Fresh & Fruity breakfast and plenty of coffee in an effort to have maximum energy for the day ahead. And did I need it. Marg, Cynthia, Denise and Lysa took me on an all day thrifting adventure with the added bonus stop at Quilt Essentials in Hysterical Abbotsford.

I’d better clear something up right now. We went to 2 MCC Thrift Stores today. The first one was our usual place – where they earned their name as the Mighty Cranky Churchladies. I have no idea where in Abbotsford this is (because I just follow the leader in my car) but we went to ANOTHER MCC Thrift store somewhere else in this same city (I have no idea the name of the street or anything) and the people working there were very, very nice. I’d call them the Mighty Cheerful Churchladies. No wonder they are cheerful at this branch – they have the best stuff. I picked up the cutest “Merry Christmas” teacup at this store and some camera film for dollar. I would have bought all 10 packages they had, but at about $20 to develop a roll, I took a pass and stuck with just a couple.

Speaking of film – we found piles and piles of film cameras at every thrift store we hit today. I was very tempted to pick up a couple, but decided not to at this time. I still have 2 toy cameras to figure out. I’m sure there will be more film cameras the next time we go out. I used the little restraint I had in the camera department, because I did NOT refrain at all in the Christmas department.

While I usually poo-poo and eye-roll the Value Village, I got a little carried away with Christmas dishes and little glass and ceramic Christmas trees I found at VV today. I also found this dirty old Santa Claus at Valoo-Villaggge. All he needs is a little soap, water and elbow grease. Then he just may make an appearance in this year’s Christmas Card.

And if you were at any of the stores mentioned above while we were there, I hope we weren’t too disruptive, but seriously, that lady on the cover of the 1976 Embroidery magazine DID look like a man and beautiful Christmas quilting fabric is just too exciting to be quiet around.


  1. Cynthia says:

    Woohoo! It was a blast as always & you got some great scores! I heart that Sanna you found, I still say throw some kitty treats inside him and let your boyz wrestlemania with him- lol!
    And yes! I think the 2nd mcc will replace the first in the running- it was waaaaay nicer now it’s all remodelled and in their new location- before it was rather icky and dark, maybe that’s why the ladies were all nice! LOL!
    And yes that magazine cover dude looks like a lady was just well weird. I think it was a man fo sho’! I still can’t believe you left the little Marcy album behind, I can always go get it for you if you change your mind LOL!

  2. cynthia says:

    (btw i’m not divulging any actual locations for our fave haunts- although not secret, we can share on a need to know basis haha!)

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