Snoozing in the sunbeam

It feels like SUMMER!

Today I opened up the balcony door in the kitchen, slid the screen door over, put the dishwasher and the laundry basket in front of the screen door so that I wouldn’t have any escapees to tend with and we all enjoyed the warm air and the sunbeams. Oscar found his favourite one and just laid there, only opening his eyes up when he thought I may be getting close to the treat drawer.

Ahhh…another leisurely weekend….

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  1. Andrea says:

    It feels like summer here too!! I spent the day gardening and later in the afternoon I went to my water tap to fill up my watering can and one of the yard cats was totally bagged out in my basement windowsill in the shade just catching some zzzzz’s! He only opened one eye to make sure I was friend, not foe, and then went back to his nap. Yay for summer!!

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