“Something about something”

Tonight our buddies, Malcolm and Lorne, come over for a visit. So, we socialized.

Then we headed out for some late night sushi in Vancouver. As we dined on copious amounts of fish on rice, salty soy beans and flash fried yams, we watched the sports on TV. After some Euro Football coverage, along came the Sidney Crosby news about his large hockey contract. I guess this reminded Malcolm of some other hockey news.

Malcolm: Hey! Did you hear that the Canucks won’t retire Pavel Bure’s hockey jersey number?

Me: What? Why not?

Malcolm: Oh…something about something…

Lorne: Well. That clears that up.

We are excellent conversationalists. Clearly. But it was very funny at the time. Perhaps you had to be there. DARN.

Once home from our super late night dinner, I found some cool filters/effects in one of my photo editing programs and used Malcolm and Lorne’s photos as testers. This pixelated one of Lorne is kinda of cool.

Totally natural pose – not hammy at all.

And this one of Malcolm is okay, but you can’t select which piece of the photo goes in the little boxes across the photo.

I would have liked something else to go into the third photo from the right. It’s just plain old wall. Or something about something. I’m not sure.


  1. Anna says:

    Haha I had to chuckle at your opening line ‘so, we socialized’ and then you post a photo of the two of them on their phones!

    I’m jealous of your sushi night!

  2. Anna says:

    Ps…..I know Malcolm too well….the ‘something about something’ makes perfectly good sense to me!

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