Sometimes you just get lucky


I didn’t even know I got this photo when I took it. I was more focused on Donner mauling Mike’s head like a lion shown below.

BuddiesThis top photo of Mike & Donner? My favourite of 2014 and we’re only 22 days into the New Year. Huzzah!

I think I’ll get that one printed up for the wall.

Donner continues to improve since his surgery and he and Oscar together are now back to being the Smashy Brothers. The night before last, we heard many foot steps (they sound like elephants when they run after each other) and then a huge SMASH in the kitchen. No kitties were to be found in the kitchen. However, a rather large glass container filled with M&M’s was completely destroyed, laying in shards on the kitchen floor. No cats were harmed in this incident, but they were both no where to be found for at least 20 minutes after.

This did not stop the Smashy Brothers’ Choir from  happening at 5:15 am. Both Oscar and Donner are now in cahoots to get us out of bed for breakfast before the earliest of the early birds. This used to be just a job for Oscar, but with Donner’s new found energy and confidence, they are BOTH meowing together.

We’ve tried ignoring them, spraying above their heads with a water bottle, and now we’re just going to feed them to shut them up. The Smashy Brothers have broken us! We have lost the Battle of the Breakfast. It’s my turn tomorrow to feed them.

In other news, I did go out on my lunch break to Gastown. No luck in the picture taking department. I need to venture out somewhere new,  I think. The same 6 blocks around the school where I work is a little bit too familiar at this point. I’ll try again tomorrow. I think it’s supposed to be sunny again. Huzzah!

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