Spring flowers


Today I…

a) had a steamed lemonade with match tea. How delicious was that? SO. DELICIOUS! My office pal, Mimi, had one, too, but she had plain old green tea in hers. I would highly recommend the matcha tea (green tea powder) the flavour was super tasty, and pretty tart. I love sour, so I was good with that. Mimi added honey to hers.

Spring flowers

b) got flowers! Specifically irises and tulips. Beautiful. I was so smitten, I took about 30 photos of them. Actually, 33.

Irises and tulips

c) spent nearly an hour editing flower photos. It’s a nice way to wrap up a wintery, rainy day. I’m pretty sure these flowers were picked up at Granville Island because that’s where my friend works. Lucky duck!

Tomorrow I will be making an effort to take at least one photo during the day, rain or shine. I need a reason to get up from my desk and move around a bit. I’ve also been noticing the sun is coming up earlier in the day. Hooray! Spring is right around the corner.

Now that I think of it, I was pretty sure I smelled spring rain the other day.

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