Spring in the air

Oscar breathing in the fresh air

We spent a low key long weekend in these past few days – except Mike worked a couple of them.

BORING! But we watched a show all day yesterday and this morning called, The Affair. It’s very intense and has eaten up a good chunk of my, “AWAKE” time. We finished season 1 and must move on to the second season. Immediately.

I went into Vancouver for a meeting today in my interview clothes and it felt like spring. I think I can lose my job interview scarf for the next interview. Spring was definitely in the air.

It was so lovely, I swept off the backyard in bare legs and flip flops! I opened up all the windows to let the freshness in. The kitties were right by the windows as soon as I opened them. The air actually felt warm. What? CRAZY! It’s not even Valentines Day yet!

Breathe in the air.

This was Oscar through the screen. He watched me sweep. Riveting times for him!

The rest of the week is looking busy-ish. I’ve got some temp work coming up and the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt meeting on Thursday, so that will be fun.

I have to admit, everything feels like it’s slow motion right now for me. But the bed’s always made and the laundry is getting done.

And dinner’s getting made.

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