Sunset and beyond at Stanley Park

Flowers at sunset

I’m a couple of days behind in, well, everything, including my blogging. This sunset photo was taken on Friday night after work. Scott He-Man-Way picked up Mike & I downtown and the three of us wandered around Stanley Park up top and right near the Lions Gate Bridge. Mike & Scott were super gung-ho about this photo walk for some reason. I, ungratefully, followed along. Bah. Stanley Park. I’ve been there a million times. What’s new to see there?

Well, nothing new. But you know what? It’s very nice up there and I had honestly forgotten how pretty our city really is. My mood changed pretty quickly after seeing these daisies and seeing the water.

I believe I may have suffered from taking things for granted on Friday.

Sunset. With spikes.

After seeing this, it snapped me into the lovely, golden hour moment. Ahhh…dreamy.

Also, I accidentally figured out how to do a funky exposure thing on my camera where it created this photo to look like it was taken way later in the evening than it really was. When I took this photo, it was still very, very light out. It didn’t look like this at all.

Also looking good, not to mention happy with himself, Mike!

Pleased with himself.

We waited until after dark and took long exposure shots of the Lions Gate Bridge on the overpass right in front of the bridge. We were not alone. It was a very popular spot for photos. In fact, a few people parked their cars ON the overpass to take photos of themselves with the bridge in the background. Not very safe.


I like how you can see that car changing lanes. Also, there seems to be a balanced amount of cars coming and going over the bridge! Nice!

Yet another lucky accident. I just love it when that happens.

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