The agony of defeat.


I am experiencing technical difficulties tonight. I will need to spend some time tomorrow evening clearing things off my computer so I can keep downloading my hockey photos. Sadly, I tried an experiment last night with file sizes on my camera, and now I’ve got quite the backlog of photos to upload. I’d go into the details, but clearly, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. So, for now, I look like the Bladezilla above. And just know that I took that photo BEFORE the game began.

Now I feel like this.

Now that I’ve uploaded half my photos, I feel like Mike (pictured above).

And tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll feel like this:

Smiley Bladezillas

Because I will have sorted this out and have a blog post of awesome, action-filled hockey photos!

Also, Mike got video of Jason getting punched in the face. Pretty amazing footage. I’ll share that with you once he’s got it edited.


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