The birthday girl!


I would have to say that the birthday festivities were a success. There were a lot of kids there and Violett got a pile of presents. The cupcakes were pink and the pizza was cheesy and pepperoni-ey. I drank a lot of Limonata out in the sunshine and enjoyed my Cheat Day/Faturday with a vengeance.

Violett seemed to enjoy her My Little Pony lunchbox. This was not the present Mike & I gave her, but I like her expression in this photo the best.

We did get her a little something-something for the big 6th birthday. Rather than wrap it up as per usual, I finished up an old bag of Doritos from the top of the fridge, cleaned it all out, put her presents in it and sewed up the top.

Here’s a long scrolly photo series for your viewing pleasure:

Scroll down!

Ta da! And for a little while, Violett actually thought I gave her chips for her birthday. Heh. She ended up liking the little Pet Shop toy and the macaroni and cheese, so jackpot!

It has been an exciting day. Not only did I attend the 6 year old’s birthday, but before Mike went to work this afternoon, we went to Van Dusen Gardens. I’ve got pretty flower photos to show you, along with some bees and some water lilies. It’s a dreamy, dreamy spot.

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