The comma is very important

Sometimes when you get home after a long day at the office…say…the day before an event where about 35 new art graduates are ready to show their work, and you’re pretty sure sure you must be forgetting something…computers…something to put the diet cokes in…dollar store glasses for wine that other people are going to serve…what about the ice? What am I going to put the ice in?

Then you look through your mail and you see tax stuff…bank stuff…oh hey! Real mail from the United States! What could it be? Excitedly you open up the real mail and you get to read this:

Love COMMA The Balls. Heh.

Heh. The comma is very important in this sentence.

This card made my day. This greeting plus the photo of Stacey‘s son with a mustache cookie on his upper lip is sitting on the fridge right now so I can see it every time I come home. Thanks Balls!

I’ve got an early day tomorrow, so I should hit the hay right now. I am determined to find a way to get better at putting these events on so I’m not so preoccupied with stuff weeks before it happens. That way I can just focus on fun things like the big Sew-In on the weekend. The Sew-In will be held in my neighbourhood in Surrey – just down the street. There will be photos galore this weekend, I can assure you of that. Sewing Saturday is just around the corner. Yay!

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  1. Stacey Ball says:

    The comma is soooo important. In one scenario you are either making an awkward compliment about someones genitalia…in another you are getting love from a family! I will never tire of this last name. Glad you go the card and liked it! I never know what to post things so I just threw a fat stamp on there and wished it well!

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