The day I accomplished nothing.

I got nothing done at all today. I put one load of laundry in the washer before we changed out of our pajamas to go see Scott & Johanna in #21 at about 7:00 tonight. Honestly, we were considering going to see the neighbours in our pajamas, but after pondering it, we decided to put on pants and head over. We did the decent thing.

Mike on the trail.

We watched the UFC fights – our now regular Saturday night entertainment – and saw 2 knock outs. OUCH. One of the fighters had his jaw broken. YIKES. Real gladiators. It was very entertaining. I’m pretty sure if I was alive during the real gladiator times, I would have been in the stands in the Colosseum cheering. I think that’s called blood lust? EEK! I did read The Fighter’s Heart and the author did mention that promoters love to pick fighters who are “bleeders” because the people in the stands like it a lot. Apparently I am not alone in this phenomenon.

ANYWAY…now that my dirty little secret is out, I did take a few photos of Mike on our walk home from #21 under the street lights.

Mike asked me: Are there any photos where I don’t look psycho?

Me: Uh, no.

So I put them all together in the collection above.

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  1. Julie says:

    My husband keeps trying to talk me into watching MMA with him.
    I might have to now. Looks like you had a great time đŸ™‚

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