The day the Easter Bunny came

After the Easter Egg Hunt of 2012

While we were sleeping in the warm pull-out bed, there was an Easter hunt for eggs down the street. I didn’t see the hunting, but Allison was VERY pleased with the loot she pulled in. The Easter Bunny was very, very good to her. Also, the Easter Bunny left a few things at my mom’s place for her, so JACKPOT! So many Chocolate! Eggs!

Allison is very cute and very clever. She had us all sharing our chocolates with her today. I guess she needs to save her own for later. See? Smart!


In addition to Easter Sunday, it was Crime Prevention Education Day today. Both Allison and I got a Police Helper Badge and a Woop! Woop! from the siren on the c0p car today. Unfortunately, no photos of the p0-p0 who educated us can be included in this post. Just know that she is very tough and very profesh. And I now know when it is appropriate to call the police.

Sandy didn’t get a badge for helping today. But if she was in a beauty pageant, I’m sure she’d place in the Ultimate Supreme ranking. She’s cute and a good snuggler.


And the baby didn’t get a helper badge today, which is a shame because you should get SOMETHING for looking so cute, don’t you think?


Wait – he did get hugs from us, so that counts for something.

We had a lovely, sunny, fun Easter Sunday. It’s been a whirlwind. I can’t believe we’re going home tomorrow!


  1. Melissa says:

    Carol…those pictures are adorable. Thank you for sharing them. The trip was a whirlwind. Next time it needs to be longer!

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